Belt Training Aids

At Response Engineering Solutions we are able to supply, install and maintain a range of effective belt positioning and training devices, that will ensure that you equipment operates efficiently with minimal downtime due to belt tracking issues.


PT-Max® Belt Trainer

The only true high performance belt trainer on the market, the PT Max® employs a unique ‘pivot and tilt’ action that increases tension on the side of the belt that is mis-tracking, while reducing tension on the opposite side. This causes the belt to quickly return to centre – much faster and more effectively than with pivot action alone.


Belt Positioner®

For belts that continuously mis-track to one side of the conveyor, the RBP1 Belt Positioner is a quick-fix solution. A simple solution that works on the return side belt, the RBP1 delivers consistent performance – without overcompensating and causing the belt to ‘wander’ from side to side.